When people think of theme parks, Disneyland / Disney World, Universal Studios, and Six Flags usually come to mind, but geeks who’ve felt left out, can now rejoice! These three cool theme parks were specifically designed for them. Continue reading to see them all.

3. Star Trek Theme Park

Star Trek fans in Aqaba, Jordan rejoice! King Abdullah II of Jordan is spending $1.5-billion to build a Star Trek theme park, complete with “a high-end hotel and dining as well as other facilities were students and businesses can learn about alternative energy and more.”


2. Ferrari World

Not only does Ferrari World Abu Dhabi cater to car geeks, it’s the world’s largest theme park period. That’s right, the “exterior of the park is modeled after the side profile of a Ferrari GT, and the roof has a total surface area of 200,000 square meters (2,200,000 sq ft) with a perimeter of 2,200 meters (7,200 ft); one-hundred-sixty feet below that roof, which is festooned with the largest Prancing Horse ever created (see above), sits 86,000 square meters (930,000 sq ft) of floor space. That makes Ferrari World the largest indoor theme park on the planet.”


1. Blizzard (Unofficial) Theme Park

This was bound to happen sooner than later, or at least in China, an unofficially licensed Blizzard-inspired theme park that is. The creation is called World Joyland and located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. It is “the world’s first video-game-themed park, [costs] 200 million yuan (about $30 million USD) and includes seven sections spread over 600,000 square meters.” According to its parent company, “World Joyland will gather the world’s best contents of digital culture, combine the newest digital entertainment and interactive technologies, partially realize anime-and-game virtual sceneries, innovate anime and game communication and display methods, interpret the core value of digital culture, archive education during entertainment.”