Did you know that The Federal Reserve Bank on New York’s Wall Street boasts secret underground vaults 80-feet beneath the bank, which hold about 25-percent of the world’s gold bullion? If not, here are thirty amazing vintage photographs of construction workers building the NYC skyscrapers we see today. Continue reading to see them all.

10 Interesting facts:

  1. New York City has 4,000 street food vendors.
  2. The average temperature of New York City’s pavement on a hot summer day is 150 degrees.
  3. 100 million Chinese food cartons are used annually in New York City.
  4. Gennaro Lombardi opened the first US pizzeria in NYC in 1895.
  5. Manhattan’s Chinatown is the largest Chinese enclave in the Western Hemisphere.
  6. New York City was was briefly the US capital from 1789 to 1790 and was the site of the inauguration of George Washington as President on April 30, 1789.
  7. The state fruit is the apple.
  8. New Yorkers travel an average of 40 minutes to work each day.
  9. More than 47 percent of New York City’s residents over the age of 5 speak a language other than English at home.
  10. More than 250 feature films are shot on location in New York City each year.

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