3D-Printing Lamborghini Aventador
Colorado laser physicist Sterling Backus’s son was fascinated by the Lamborghini Aventador he drove in the Forza video game, and wondered if it was possible to build one, and thus project “Interceptor” was born. This isn’t going to be a 1:1 replica, as they budgeted $20,000 to the project. Som, to start, Backus hand-built the steel chassis and sourced an LS1 V8 from a Corvette for the engine. The panel layouts were found on the online design community called GrabCAD, and then those were modified for 3D printing. Read more to finally see the car in-action.

However, simply 3D-printing the plastic wouldn’t work as it would just melt in the hot sun. So, carbon-fiber encapsulation had to be incorporated, or wrapping parts and then covering them in epoxy. Each piece was hand-assembled as he parts, 3D-printed with a Creality CR-10 105 that he purchased from Amazon for around $900, were fabricated. The front brake air intake alone took 52-hours to get just right. Other features include: a gated shifter, fully-functional lights, and of course, the iconic scissor doors.

The intent is to take the car to local schools to show kids how cool technology can be,” said Buckus.


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