46-Gigapixel Milky Way

Ruhr University Bochum researchers divided a section of the southern sky into 268 different sections, after which they spent days creating ultra-high-resolution photos of each one with telescopes at the Cerro Armazones Observatory in Chile. Once everything had been photographed, they spent 5-years stitching together those 268 ultra high resolution photos into an even more massive 46-gigapixel photo that dials in at 194-gigabytes. You view the interactive map here. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“At 197 GB in size, this image is so enormous that you actually need a purpose-built web viewer to properly explore it all. With it, Moritz and the rest of the team hope to find stars which are occasionally obscured by orbiting planets or other objects. So far, they’ve spotted more than 50,000 such stars,” reports Engadget.

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