Limited to just 2 road-going units priced at $2.35-million USD, the Glickenhaus SCG-003C (Competizione) will be powered by a Honda-sourced, twin-turbo V-6, but James has previously said that owners will be able to choose whatever engine they like, even a twin-turbo V-12, mated to a Hewland sequential transmission with paddle shifters. Continue reading for more.

5. There Are Cameras on the Mirrors


Since road-going cars require mirrors to stay legal, SCG-003C uses custom-designed that “trim out the wake turbulence of the wing,” complete with cameras to help serve the conventional function of the mirrors sending video to screens on each side of the steering wheel.

4. Three Gauges Next to Fuel Fill


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, or on any supercar / hypercar for that matter, gauges next to the fuel fill. According to Jalopnik, “The top gauge indicates fuel levels. This is especially useful in race trim as it reduces the risk of fuel spills. The middle gauge indicates oil levels. The bottom gauge indicates what position you are in a race because racecar.”

3. Taillights Cost $224,000+


In addition to the DOT-certified, Gorilla Glass windshield (three millimeters thick), the DOT-certified taillights cost a whopping $224,000+ on the road car, and as Jim says: “It will be cool to drive in New York.”

2. Air Vent on Dash is from Ferrari P4/P5


Once you step inside the 003, you’ll see that it contains one large air vent on the dash. Glickenhaus says: “…for a bit of nostalgia, that is an original air vent that was used in the Ferrari P4.” He simply removed one of these vents from a personal P4, reverse engineered it, and then 3-D printed it to perfection.

1. In Pit Blower Included

Many performance cars come with a fire extinguisher, but what about a leaf blower? While not found in the road-going version (fans are included), every race trim 003 sold comes with an “in pit blower.”

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