Many homes / apartments today simply aren’t large enough for a balcony, but if this new window catches on, things may change. Simply put, this giant window turns into a balcony at the push of a button. We’ve rounded up five more cool gadgets and accessories that are perfect for Memorial Day for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Bison Bag

The Bison Bag is the creation of two young inventors who just so happen to be a couple and are planning on wedding very soon: Lance and Julia. This innovative sleeping bag contains everything you need to grab a few Zzzzs: the sleeping bag, hammock, rope, and carabiners. On the outside, it boasts durable double head zippers, 170t polyester/pu coating, polyester microfiber filling, and a nylon cord.

4. Backyard Pond Guest House

Located in Uslar, Germany, this backyard pond guest house intended to be in a tree, but the family couldn’t find a suitable one on their property. So, they built this two-story tower over an artificial pond instead, which comes complete a bed, two sets of stairs, benches, storage space, and even electricity.

3. Johnny Catch

Johnny Catch is basically a wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener that makes cracking open a bottle about as smooth and easy a process as any geek could hope for. Simply pop the top and the cap drops below, clinging to the device. For the highest quality possible, each one is handmade in Germany out of stainless steel, with an ultra-strong magnet built inside.

2. Lean Skateboard

Sleek and functional, the Lean Skateboard, unlike other models, features a multi-link truck that actually allows its 120mm wheels to lean into turns. Creator Enzo Prathamesh Shinde says that this results in a much more stable ride, making it the perfect fit for riding downhill. Steering is enhanced with a simple four-bar linkage system which is attached to the board, giving every joint two rotational degrees of freedom. The freedom to do 35 mph, and the freedom to not shed any skin while doing so.

1. Golden Goose

Called the Golden Goose, this innovative kitchen gadget is made from lightweight and recyclable materials, comfortable handles, and a ballistic-grade nylon cord that helps scramble an egg inside its shell. Just pull the handles a few times to rev up the egg and then prepare it as you normally would. Its entirely food-safe / dishwasher-safe and equipped to handle a variety of egg sizes and shapes, though ostrich eggs may not work.