Tricking out your iPhone with a nifty Game Boy case is one thing, going as far as purchasing a bottle of iWater is an entirely different story. Fortunately, it’s just one of many crazy Apple products that we’re glad don’t actually exist. Continue reading to see more.

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1. iHand

Remember the reception woes iPhone 4 faced when it was first launched? Apparently, there is a right way to hold your iPhone. So, instead of having to learn how to hold it properly all the time, users can purchase iHand and be assured that the phone is held in a manner that will receive the best reception.

2. iArm

Attaching iArm to your arms enable you to hold all sorts of things ranging from your tablet PCs to your dinner plates. You can even mount three things at one go! How convenient. Your arms will probably get its much needed workout too. Just try not to swing your arms and hit your iPad against the wall.

3. iFridge

What if you have a fridge that looks like your iPod? You have a simple black-and-white menu on the door that allows you to adjust the fridge’s thermostat and other settings to keep your food fresh and cold. Not forgetting that you can play your favourite tunes in your playlist, probably using the giant fridge as your speakers cum sub-woofer.

4. iEye

iEye is the implantation of a digital camera into your eye socket. Your eyesight get augmented with 20 times higher resolution than the average human eye, and you to get to magnify your vision up to 12 times. On top of that, you get to record visual data into a built-in hard drive, which can be shared with others and playback at your own request.

5. iPottie

Like iToilet, this device deals with your waste. Designed like an iPod, the iPottie probably allows you to play your favourite music while you do your business. Oh, it can even read the papers for you so you’ll keep up with the current affairs while you i(poop).