You could argue that professional thieves could bypass even the most complex alarm systems, but should a car owner decide to go the cheapest route, laughter will definitely ensue. Continue reading to see five examples of how not to prevent people from stealing your car and / or bike.

5. Chain with Regular Lock

If your car door locks are broken, we highly do not recommend following the example above. This person decided to find a long chain and then attach a standard lock to it. Even without wire cutters, someone would probably be able to gain access to the car.

4. Sign Lock

Clearly this person was not thinking at all, as it’s quite obvious that a burglar would be able to just remove the lock by lifting up the sign it’s attached to without any effort at all. Let’s just hope that there’s another lock on the back wheel.

3. Fence Lock

Sure, this may be the cheapest alternative if your car door is malfunctioning, but using a fence lock should definitely not be on your “DIY fix” list. Plus, the areas that were drilled will most likely rust after being exposed to rain or any moisture for that matter.

2. Tree Rope

Unless you’re a miniature Tarzan, there’s absolutely no reason to use a tree stump for car theft prevention. However, we must say that this is definitely one of the smallest cars we’ve come across, and thieves will probably shy away from it based on that fact alone.

1. Wheel Tow Hook

Thieves could care less about a ruined bumper, should they be able to start up your car and get a clean run for it. The only thing that this homemade chain and lock system will accomplish is…absolutely nothing, except maybe garner a few laughs from passerby’s.

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