So, you’ve seen some extremely smart apes, now this followup brings you five incredibly smart dogs captured on video. They range from a dog who figured out what to do when trapped inside a car, to one that precisely follows any command. Continue reading to see more.

5. The Honker

Nobody likes to be left alone in a car, even dogs. This one wanted to let everyone know its dissatisfaction by honking the car’s horn non-stop. Other than being trapped inside, the dog looked to be in good spirits.

4. Commands

Once you see this dog in-action, you’ll start wondering why there are humans who can’t follow directions. Let’s just say that its owner has conditioned it to act on commands rather than instinct.

3. Numbers

If you needed help on basic arithmetic, Maggie can help. In addition to mastering basic commands, she also picked up some math along the way. However, we wouldn’t trust her answers for any high school or college level problems, unless your goal is to get her to eat your homework.

2. Useful Tricks

Think of this video as life hacks, but with Jack, the dog. According to his owner, “Jesse chooses to do the behaviors in this video, and has so much fun bringing smiles to people’s faces. He gets treats for doing his tricks, and enjoys learning new things.”

1. Talking Dog

You’ve probably seen at least one video of Mishka, the talking Siberian husky, now here’s one of the more memorable ones where she reaffirms the fact that she’s not stupid. Now if there was only another Mishka to hold an entire dog conversation with her…