We have seen the future of robots, and they looks just like real humans. While they still aren’t able to walk naturally (except for maybe Albert Hubo), these insanely cool human-like robots look just like us, right down to the hair. Continue reading to see five awesome humanoid robots.

5. Gemonoid HI-1

Hiroshi Ishiguro – “a senior researcher at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories in Japan” – has created a robot clone of himself. Created using casts of his body, his robot doppelganger sits and fidgets, looks around and taps his toe just like his creator. Ishiguro actually created this robot to, no joke, fill in for him in the classroom at Osaka University, where he’s a professor. It is controlled by a motion-capture interface. It can imitate Ishiguro’s body and facial movements, and it can reproduce his voice in sync with his motion and posture.


4. HRP-4C

If you demand a fashion robot, the HRP-4C belongs on your short list. She made her debut at the Osaka Fashion Show donning “a helmet of taffeta and lace.” Besides, HRP-4C is already hitched, apparently, to her creator Kazuhito Yokoi who appeared at the Osaka fashion show dressed in a tuxedo.

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3. Albert Hubo

This Albert Einstein-inspired robot “is the first ever walking robot with humanlike expressions.” Hanson Robtics’ Frubber material makes this possible, because it requires MUCH less force to move into facial expressions than do previous materials–less than 1/20th the force and energy than the softest animatronics materials, according to published tests. This means that the Albert head can run for hours on AA batteries, so it can be mobile and mount on a walking robot body.


2. Actoid-F

Just when you thought robots couldn’t get any creepier, or at least outside of movies, these two humanoid models appear. The were developed by Japanese researchers to mimic the movements of whoever they’re watching. The air compressor and valves that control Actroid F’s motion can run off of household electricity. Actroid F is also 30 kg lighter than other full scale robots in the Actroid/Geminoid series.


1. Geminoid DK

Yes, the Geminoid DK above isn’t a person, but rather one of the creepiest humanoid robots we’ve ever come across. It was “modeled after professor Henrik Scharfe at Aalborg University [and] was constructed by Kokoro and ATR.” The more things change, the more they stay the same: DK pulls off the beard quite nicely, but it still looks downright creepy when it smiles, blinks and breathes.


Honorable Mention – Geminoid-F

Japanese scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro has unveiled Geminoid-F, a female android robot that was modeled after her own likeness. This bot “can move its rubber face to imitate a smile, a toothy grin, and a grim-looking frown.” Geminoid TMF is equipped with 12 actuators, powered by air pressure, and her motion can be synched to imitate that of a real human being.


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