So, you’ve seen some of the weirdest limousines, Darth Vader’s Ferrari F40, and what stormtroopers drive on Earth, now check out these five mind-blowing cars from the future. Starting off, we have a strange circular vehicle that “uses two large wheels that span the entire circumference of the slim and efficient circle-shaped automobile, neatly looking like one smooth integrated wheel.” Continue reading to see more.

5. Peugeot RD 3

Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar’s RD 3 is a beautiful three-wheeled concept car with an articulating joint allowing it to dynamically adapt to different road conditions and traffic densities. This intelligent design combines a curvilinear aesthetic with its shape-shifting functionality, each reinforcing the fluidity of the other.

4. MIT City Car

MIT Media Lab CityCar was initially a collaborative effort by faculty and students that is now poised to become a commercial reality. It features “a folding chassis to occupy a small footprint when parked, drive-by-wire control, front entry and egress, the ability to spin on its axis, and “Robot Wheels” with integrated electric drive motor, steering motor, suspension, and braking.” Independently suspended and controlled, the all-direction wheels plus a self-compacting body make any parking spot possible.

3. Peugeot EX 1

The EX1 is a two-seater roadster that combines the “floating” front grille and flowing contours from the SR1 concept, with polished aluminum components adorn the door surrounds from the RCZ and BB1. A particular feature of this concept is the reverse-opening door that gives access to the two sports bucket seats. There is also an instrument panel screens for each occupant showing in particular the vehicle’s instantaneous performance.

2. Rinspeed sQuba

Rinspeed’s sQuba is a bit of James Bond come to life – a car that can successfully cruise underwater. The catch: it is not a self-contained submarine – you still have to wear scuba gear if you want to breath while speeding along in submerged mode. Electric motors to replace the conventional combustion engine were, of course, a must.

1. Hyundai Aebulle

The concept was designed to be powered by compact in-wheel electric motors coupled with lithium batteries stored in the floor of the vehicle. It�s front wheels are connected to separate independent swing arms that allow the Aebulle to glide around corners. The body is made up of an aluminum frame and the “windshield” is made up of aluminum oxynitride glass. The whole top of the three-wheeler lifts up, taking with it the center console and allowing the passenger to make his exit.

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