LEGO isn’t just for kids anymore, as the company has released several advanced sets (NXT, etc.) that let you build just about anything. Starting off, we have a Star Wars foosball table that “features an appropriately ragtag rebel team with C-3PO as the goalie pitted against walls of storm troopers, led by an officer-turned goalie.” Continue reading to see more.

5. Pop-Up Model

Talapz is a LEGO fanatic who resides in Japan, and he’s created a stunning reproduction of a Todai-ji Buddhist temple… in pop-up form. That’s right, it works just like a pop-up book because the temple is not visible at first but when opened up, an intricate folding mechanism reveals the temple in all its glory.

4. LEGO Wheelchair

Not just a small model, this LEGO wheelchair is capable of carrying a 198-pou d person. The creation was made from 7 LEGO Mindstorm NXTs, 14 LEGO Mindstorm motors, 6 LEGO Mindstorm touch sensors, 12 Rotocaster Muti-directional wheels and “a whole lot of LEGO Tecnic”, according to its creator Simon Burfield.

3. Great Ball Contraption

When people think of contraptions, LEGO usually doesn’t come to mind, but after you see this video, you’ll probably change your mind. It boasts 17-modules that are capable of tracking the blue and red balls, which run at 1.0 balls/sec (500 total balls). This creation took approximately 600 hours to complete.

2. Paper Airplane Folder

This contraption was made by YouTube user “Hknssn” and consists of two Lego Mindstorms NXT sets and five NXT Servo motors. Measuring, 150cm long and 40cm wide, it “uses motorized rollers to pull paper from a tray and then roll it along the system where it’s folded. A compressor at the end then helps launch the planes.

1. StarCraft 2 Battle Cruiser

Sven Junga’s Hyperion battle cruiser from StarCraft 2 may not be to scale, but it’s definitely no slouch, especially since it’s made entirely from LEGO. That’s right, the entire piece has about 15,000 pieces and took nearly six months to construct. Plus, it even has miniature StarCraft 2 space marines.

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