Some gadgets are so obscure that only geeks could love them, and that includes these censorship glasses, which are normally used to conceal someone’s identity, or at least partially. Continue reading to see five more gadgets only geeks could love.

5. Shredder Calendar

The Shredder Calendar may not be practical, but it combines a classic tool with modern technology (paper shredder). Place this gadget above your trash can, and you can rest assured that you’ll have lots of paper strips to throw around should there be a party coming up.

4. Baby Stroller Scooter

Walking your baby is too mainstream for geeks, and that’s why this scooter was invented. It’s exactly like a standard stroller except now, you’ll probably get a lot more mileage out of your daily walk – though we can’t guarantee the safety of your baby.

3. Wooden Boat Bathtub

When is a bathtub, not just something you use for cleansing and / or relaxation? When it looks exactly like a wooden boat, complete with paneling. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to add an engine if you want handsfree operation on the open waters.

2. Backpack Bike

When not in use, this innovative backpack bike folds up and can easily be transported without needing another vehicle to do so. As you can probably see, there’s no seat, and that’s because this is a standing bike. However, this shouldn’t deter geeky adventurers.

1. Outside World

Replacing window blinds with wood shutters just isn’t enough for geeks. So, some of them resort to placing full window decals, like “Outside World – Real Life 2.0”, to remind them that life does exist outside of their homes and computers.