Just like playing outside, being lazy definitely isn’t a crime, but it’s not something you should be proud of either. These five people take lazy to the next level by doing such things as walking their pets in bizarre ways and more. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Driving the Dog

We understand that some people have disabilities that make it hard for them to physically walk their dog(s), but if that’s not the case, using your car to do the job is just one example of extreme laziness – not to mention a road hazard.

4. Doorstop

This person just bought a brand new doorstop, still fresh in the package, and decided to use it just like that. On the other hand, it could mean that this person is planning on returning this to the store after a few more uses.

3. Hockey Stick Remote

Most televisions, if not all, come with a remote. Unfortunately, people tend to lose them more often than not, and you can add this guy to the list. Rather than buy another remote, he found a hockey stick to use for the time being.

2. Super Straw

Would you rather buy a leak-proof water bottle with a straw? Or, create a super straw by combining several smaller ones? This geek chose the latter and we have to say, it looks quite cumbersome, especially when he’s not drinking from the cup.

1. 24-Hour Elevator

You’d think that a 24-Hour Fitness gym would promote exercise by making their members walk up stairs. However, this escalator system was added for tax write off purposes, or so we’d like to think, as no real gym would do this on purpose.

Honorable Mention – Handsfree

If you don’t want to buy a Bluetooth headset and love to look ridiculous at work, this DIY handsfree solution is just for you. Simple take a larger rubberband, attach it securely to your cell phone, and you’re ready to talk while looking like a fool simultaneously.

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