Lie Detector

Kokoro Scanner Lie Detector Headset by Takara Tomy looks like a toy, but the company says this gadget can tell if a person is lying. It works by reading the changes in one’s pulse when asked certain questions. The only confusing part is that there’s a yellow light, which indicates you’re not telling the whole truth. Product page. Continue reading for more.

5. Eye Recovery Anti-Aging Heating Cooling Gadget

Anti-Aging Gadget

The Eye Recovery Anti-Aging Heating Cooling Gadget (yes, that’s the real name) uses 8 different kinds of micro currents, along with heating and cooling, elements to help combat the signs of aging and wrinkles around your eyes. Simply charge the device, and then place it around your eye(s) for 5-minutes per day. One caveat: it’ll set you back over $300 with shipping. Product page.

4. Self Defense Watch

Self Defense Watch

JSDF’s Japan Self-Defense Forces Tri-Force SP Watch isn’t just for looks, this gadget is waterproof up to depths of 200m (656 ft), and can last for 6-months on a full charge, using the built-in solar power system. It also comes complete with multiple dials, including tachometer and telemeter, as well as its own special serial-numbered case. Product page.

3. Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet

Air-Conditioned Helmet

Kuchofuku’s Air-Conditioned Helmet looks normal from the front, but turn it around, and you’ll see something extra attached to the back. That’s because Kuchofuku designed the helmet so that it can lower your head’s temperature by 6.9°C (44.4°F), and humidity by 32% supposedly. It’s battery-powered and the fan unit itself can be easily removed, thanks to a simple cable connection. Product page.

2. Facial Fitness Pao

Facial Fitness Pao

Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. Endorsed by Real Madrid football player Cristiano Ronaldo, this beauty gadget from Japan is designed to be popped into your mouth, and then bobbed to help exercise your face, purportedly resulting in a better smile. The company says, “The Pao is designed to concentrate a load efficiently, creating balanced exercise on both sides. It employs a special mouth holder to keep it comfortably in place. And more importantly, it’s fun.” Product page.

1. R2-D2 Laser Keyboard

R2-D2 Laser Keyboard

Imp’s R2-D2 Laser Keyboard is officially licensed and about the same size as an iPhone, complete with a range of approximately 10 meters (over 32 feet). When users tap the virtual red laser keys, they will hear R2’s iconic sound effects with every button press. Just don’t get too carried away with a lightsaber and destroy this device. Product page.