4-acre Spider Web

Just when you thought spiders couldn’t get any creepier, this massive web was discovered at the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant, which spans four acres. It’s claimed to house more than 107-million arachnids, including a pecies known as a Long-jawed orb weaver, or Tetragnathidae, typically found in damp or swamp habitats and have slim bodies with shiny abdomens. Researchers say that the “thick as a fire hose” webbing was so heavy it damaged light fixtures. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Monster Spider Web

According to The Daily Mail, “Darwin’s bark spider produces webs that typically stretch more than 50ft (15 metres) wide, made of dragline silk. This type of silk is said have the same tensile strength as high-grade alloy steel. And last month, researchers in Guyana discovered a puppy-sized spider living in the rainforest.”