Uroplatus phantasticus, the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko, is a species of gecko endemic to the island of Madagascar. First described in 1888 by George Albert Boulenger, U. phantasticus is the smallest in body of the Uroplatus geckos. It may also be known as the eyelash leaf tailed gecko or the fantastic leaf tailed gecko. Continue reading to see more.

5. Madagascar

The species is endemic to Madagascar, meaning it is found nowhere else. It is an arboreal species that relies on its natural camouflage in the northern and central tropical forests of Madagascar.

4. No Eyelids

Geckos possess no eyelids, just a transparent covering over their eyes, and so they use their long, mobile tongues to wipe away any dust or debris that gets into the eye.

3. Colors

The gecko occurs in a variety of colors, including hues of purple, orange, tan and yellow, but is often mottled brown, with small black dots on the underside that help to distinguish it from similar species.

2. Nocturnal

A nocturnal reptile, with suitably large eyes, the satanic leaf-tailed gecko moves about its rainforest habitat at night feeding on insects. The adhesive scales under their fingers and toes and their strong curved claws enable them to move adeptly through the trees.

1. Food

The gecko eats a variety of appropriately sized insects including crickets and moths. If breeding is successful in captivity, eggs will be laid at intervals of approximately 30 days and take 90 to 120 days to hatch.

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