Photo credit: MOC Pages

Building LEGO sets in your free time is a nice hobby to have and taking it to the next level isn’t as hard as you may think. These fans have done just that and turned ordinary bricks into gadgets that you can actually use. Continue reading to see more.

5. RoboFlush

For those looking for a hands-free toilet flushing solution, look no further than the RoboFlush. It uses a motor-equipped LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit, touch sensor, and an ultrasonic sensor (flush detection) for the dirty work. Let’s just hope that these guys don’t take this machine to the next level.

4. Robotic Arm

Unlike other LEGO creations, Max Shepherd used the bricks to create a robotic arm that mimics the full range of motion of a human hand, and can even lift a couple pounds. The softest grippy hands we have seen don’t look human at all, so this is quite a feat. Watch the fingers curl softly around a water bottle or other object.

3. Pancake Robot

Here’s a first: a pancake-making robot created using “LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO bricks and two ketchup bottles.” That’s right, it can make pancakes of all shapes and sizes, including the famed Mickey head. You can pre-program what shape you’d like your pancakes to be before the Lego-bot starts a-cooking.

2. Clock

Unlike other static models, here’s a fully-functional digital clock made with LEGO Mindstorms. Powered by two separate LEGO Mindstorms bricks communicating through Bluetooth, “each number has five layers and each layer is controlled by the one above it so it starts from the bottom and builds the number from the ground up.”

1. Rubik’s Cube Solver

What do you get when you combine LEGO Mindstorms NXT with a Samsung Galaxy S II and a custom program? The magnificent Rubik’s Cube-solving CubeStormer II. Built by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, the puzzle-cracking robot is capable of solving Rubik’s Cubes at blazing fast speeds, shaving precious fractions of seconds off of human world records.