He Yide, nicknamed “Duoduo,” is an extreme 5-year-old, as he’s supposedly flown a plane, reportedly earning himself a world record for youngest pilot ever. Yide is reporeted to have completed a 35-minute flight at Beijing Wildlife Park in China on Saturday after hours and hours of private flying lessons. According to his father, He Liesheng, it was all Duoduo’s hard work and aircraft know-how: “His first flight was very successful and he wasn’t scared at all.” Continue reading for a video.

Believe it or not, flying an airplane probably isn’t the most extreme thing that the youngster has done, here’s some more:

Duoduo and his father are no strangers to controversial extreme feats: Eagle Dad has entered the youngster into a yacht-sailing competition; made him run around in the snow in his underwear; and joined with him and Duoduo’s sister to try to climb Mount Fuji in Japan (they had to be rescued because they didn’t take enough supplies).


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