Once in a while, you’ll come across a geek who has built just about every gadget they can find tutorials for online, and that’s when some of them turn to the dark side, flamethrowers that is. We’ve rounded up seven amazing DIY flamethrowers for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Pyro

Ever wish you could become Pyro from the X-Men series? Well, look no further than these awesome flamethrower gloves from J&M Special Effects. Best of all, this “pyro system is just a prototype, and the J&M guys say the final version of the system would be more streamlined so the hoses and cables could be hidden inside of a performer’s costume.”

2. Flamethrower Gun

You’ve seen the flamethrower gloves, now check out a homemade gun that was made using an old spray can holder, small ignition coil, “driven by a simple NE555-circuit feeds a 2-stage-multiplier.” Hopefully, its creator builds a docking station that transforms this tiny gun into a massive Halo / Mass Effect sized rifle.

3. Wrist-Mounted

This wrist-mounted flamethrower, called the Prometheus device, would be the perfect complement to these homemade Wolverine claws, turning you into a hybrid X-Men of sorts, or so we think. Though “GizmodoPyro technically controls fire rather than actually making it, short of mutant genetics, this project is as close as we’ll get.”

4. Trombone

If you’ve got an extra trombone laying around and have a love for fire, why not use it to build a flamethrower? That’s exactly what YouTube user “jnthncd” did, and it’s a doozy. Unfortunately, the added flames still won’t make you a better musician, or so we think. However, you are now capable of burning all naysayers, literally.

5. LEGO Technic

You don’t need to spend $239.99 buying a flamethrower, when you’ve got LEGO Technic parts, candles, lighter fluid, and lots of spare time. Though it may look fun to use, we imagine that doing so indoors isn’t the brightest of ideas. In this demonstration, the “fuel can was almost out so it couldn’t reach ultimate range,” unfortunately.

6. Super Soaker

This awesome Super Soaker flamethrower might be an oldie (in internet years), but it’s definitely worth another view, or several for that matter. Like all DIY projects, we highly do not recommend attempting to transform your old toy into a flame-throwing monster as it may just end up in a pile of melted plastic.

7. Science Project

A teen who goes by the handle of ShockSlayer has built a nifty wrist-mounted flamethrower. It “consists of an aerosol can of butane, some tubing, a nozzle and a finger-controlled trigger made from string.” One caveat: “SS hasn’t figured out a permanent source of ignition, so he has to start it with a torch, but once it’s going, it’s definitely something that could strike fear into the hearts of anyone who tries to mess with him.”