Our editors have compiled a list of seven car gadgets that could come in handy when on the road. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

Alert Driver Bracelet

The Alert Driver concept is a flexible rubber device that detects — by communicating with an RFID tag placed in the car — if a driver is suffering from fatigue, based on reaction time. If fatigue is detected, the device will start vibrating.

The device can be bent to fit your wrist, and has memory to stay in position, to ensure it will not fall off.


Shotgun Turret

More Industries introduces the “HAMMER” unmanned weapons system and H2X-40 turret for law enforcement/military use.

For a demonstration, the firm fitted a turret with two 12 gage shotguns to the roof of an SUV. Such a system could be used to breach a door or gate, expose a hidden device, destroy a roadside bomb, and more



Driv-e-mocion is a nifty device that attaches to your rear window and can be programmed to display a variety of messages — in form of smiling/frowning faces or words. Best of all, it’s priced at just $20 here.

Given, the four letter words may anger the person behind you even more, it is still cool to put them in their place, geekily


TruScene Camera

For those who’ve experienced hit-and-run accidents, check out this “TruScene” camera. It “hooks up to your rear view mirror, and films whatever is in front” — “constantly filming, saving everything into a 30 second buffer, discarding anything past that.”

If a sudden jolt, or bump is detected by the device, then it saves those 30 seconds into its internal memory, giving you a view of the incident, and the moments preceding it


Flex-Fix Extendable Bike Rack

If you’re looking for a bike rack, check out Opel’s Flex-Fix. This system folds neatly back into a special compartment when not in use.

How it works: the rear extends out from the bumper far enough for you to mount your ride, which afterwards neatly folds back up and into the body so no one’s the wiser


ModooFree Bluetooth Parking Sensor

No more fumbling with your cell phone while driving. As one of the first Bluetooth parking sensors, the ModooFree acts as a handsfree car kit, allowing users to answer calls without taking their hands off the wheel. The mirror has a built-in microphone and also displays the incoming phone number (Caller ID). Parking sensors located on the front and rear bumpers alert you of any nearby objects when reversing. [Source]

Tweel – Michelin’s Airless Tires

The Tweel sports a flexible spoke/wheel design that replaces the need for air pressure, deforming to absorb shocks.

…vertical stiffness (which primarily affects ride comfort) and lateral stiffness (which affects handling and cornering) can both be optimised, pushing the performance envelope in these applications and enabling new performances not possible for current inflated tires

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