When most people think of SMART cars, small and compact usually come to mind. These auto enthusiasts decided to break away from what most people would consider normal and gave these seven SMART cars a complete makeover. Continue reading to see them all – includes a bonus video.

7. Hello Kitty SMART

Sanrio fans rejoice! This fan has turned an otherwise plain SMART car into a Hello Kitty lover’s dream, complete with a pink and gray paint job, a host of decals, and possibly a matching interior, though we do hope that its owner didn’t go the furry route.

6. SMART Starbug 1

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the SMART Starburg 1? Yes, this is the actual Starbug 1 from BBC’s Red Dwarf comedy series Back to Earth, and it really does look like a spaceship. Unfortunately, it was auctioned off a while back.

5. SMART Limousine

Ok, so this SMART limousine isn’t designed to hold your friends and family, but the concept is cool…right? Simply put, it “combines the practicality of the Smart with the extra room provided by a van, and thanks to a lighter chassis, it�s powered by its original 600cc engine.”

4. SMARTinor

Remember the sleek Ford Shelby GT500 Elenaor from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? Well, the SMARTinor supposedly combines the best of both worlds into a compact package. It was “designed by the tuners at Thalon Design, Smartinor is definitely a unique vehicle.”

3. Grassy SMART Car

Sure, this grass (artificial turf) covered SMART car may not be practical, but how many cars out on the road today can claim this unique feature? One bright note would be if you were actually using this vehicle to promote your artificial grass and / or lawncare business.

2. Wind-up SMART Car

What better mod for your SMART car than one of those nifty wind-up gizmos from your childhood toys? Unfortunately, this one was put there just for looks, though it looks like you should be able to turn / fold the handle in should the need arise.

1. SMART Monster Truck

At first glance, you may think your eyes are playing tricks, but yes, that is really a SMART-based monster truck. That’s right, “the guys at Daimler Chrysler built it themselves, and it looks pretty cool.” Now if only we could see it run over some cars.

Bonus Video

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