Now that you’ve seen the official iPhone, check out seven concepts that didn’t quite make the cut. Continue reading for the list.

iPhone Computer

What more could you want in the iPhone? This concept has a full QWERTY keypad, clickwheel navigation, and dual displays.[Source]

iPhone V.Music

Sleek and stylish, iPhon V.Music sports a brushed aluminum clamshell design and an integrated camera.


So you’ve seen all the iPhone concepts, now check out the iTalk. This is one of the coolest Apple concepts yet. [Source]

iChat Mobile

From the video, it looks to sport iPod-like navigation buttons, camera, and a slim candybar-style design. [Source]

Apple iPhone Nano

According to MacRumors, this prototype comes in three colors and features an iPod Nano-inspired design.

The click-wheel portion of the device reportedly slides down to reveal a traditional numeric dial-pad underneath. The front is black, while the back is chrome like the current iPod


iPhone Front Row

This strange iPhone mockup apparently uses an Apple Remote as the navigation.

Aside from the awfully rendered fonts, “2D” appearance, and out-of-sync “clicks,” we highly doubt Apple would create a mobile based on a Front Row controller


iPhone Part Deux

So you’ve seen some of the best iPhone concepts, now LoopRumors gives us a look at one of the latest. This concept/prototype sports an iPod Nano-like design, a touchscreen display, and a built-in speaker.