Some professionals and power users require extreme cooling to keep their computer systems at a safe temperature. If you fall under those categories, here are seven strange methods to keep everything cool, though we don’t recommend new modders actually trying these. Continue reading to see more.

7. Turbocharger

Spinning at 3500rpm, this T25 turbine from a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse is used to cool this spiffy-looking PC. The case is not sealed to prevent pressure from building up, as the goal is to just blow air through the case. According to the modder, its speed is “enough to move some air without having to worry about the bearings, which are designed to be water-cooled.”

6. Mineral Oil

If your daily computing needs requires maximum cooling, then look no further than this mineral oil aquarium PC. Apparently, the liquid is great for absorbing heat without needing to vent to the surrounding air. The modder states that “after about 2 hours, the temperature settled at a new maximum of 84ºC on the CPU under load.”

5. Industrial Fan

If your case’s fans fail, then there’s always the stand-up electric fan. Pointing it properly and safely seems to be the biggest issue in this example of PC cooling gone wrong. One thing you shouldn’t do when using this method is use / drink any liquids anywhere near your computer, otherwise you may end up with a short circuit, or fried brain, literally.

4. Ice Cube

We’ve heard of CPU overclocking, but definitely not hard drive. Unless this person somehow modified this drive to spin at 50,000rpm, encasing it in a block of ice seems like overkill, not to mention that your computer may become one-time-use once it melts. However, if you decide to use this computer in a freezer, things should be fine.

3. A/C Unit

Called the Water Chiller, this PC by Mike Vanelst should definitely be used in only the most extreme situations, such as playing ten 1080p YouTube videos simultaneously. In all seriousness, this A/C-powered PC runs at a chilly -5ºC, but can be turned all the way down to -20ºC; if Arctic Silver is used on the CPU block.

2. PVC Fan

When is a tabletop fan, not just something you use on a hot summer day? When you dissect it, reassemble it as a computer case, and lastly, use lots of PVC piping in hopes of making it less ghetto. We can imagine it gets quite noisy once everything is running simultaneously.

1. World of Fans

Instead of buying a traditional case and installing a few fans inside, this geek decided to use 66 PC fans to create a somewhat functional case. Let’s just say that adding up the hardware costs for just the fans alone, will run you much more than a really high-end PC tower.

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