Always wanted to stay on a luxurious private island? If so, you’ll soon be able to stay on Marlon Brando’s private island at a resort called “The Brando”, which opens in July on the atoll of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia. This resort is made up of 12 smaller islands – called motus – with the resort situated on the historic Onetahi where Tahitian royalty formerly resided. Continue reading for more.

7. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando actually lived on this private island. He first visited to Tetiaroa while shooting the 1962 film Mutiny on the Bounty, and he returned in 1967 to purchase the island. What’s even more surprising is that he met his third wife, Tarita, in Tetiaroa.

6. Private Villas

The Brando’s all-inclusive resort features 35 beautiful secluded villas. Each one is located beachside, complete with their own outdoor eating and waterfront area. The one-bedroom villas are a spacious 1,033 square feet, while three bedroom villas are upwards of 2,648 square feet.

5. Modern Amenities

Living rooms inside the two-bedroom villas include a dining area that comfortably seats 6, a kitchen, and a wide entryway onto a large, two-tiered deck. They also come loaded with all the modern amenities you’d expect from a 5-star resort, such as a media room, Wi-Fi, and a wide selection of movies.

4. Backyard

Just when you thought the villas couldn’t be more luxurious. Representatives from The Brando say they have designed each villa to “feel as though indoors and outdoors have merged together,” opening directly up to the “backyard”.

3. Bathroom with a View

For those who feel like stepping outside after a nice hot shower, this bathroom is just for you. Not only does it come equipped with a host of doors and windows that open up to the outside, the tub comes with beautiful views of the beach outside.

2. Room Service

In addition to each villa having its own plunge pool, the all-inclusive amenities include 24-hour room service, a daily excursion and spa treatment, laundry service, and access to bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.

1. Exotic Animals

Guests can use paddle boards to travel to a neighboring island. And while there, they can use their personal bicycles for exploring a variety of paths around the island or riding to a different beach altogether. Tetiaroa is known as a sanctuary for birds and marine life. Guests can snorkel or dive with tropical animals.


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