Street-Legal Aston Martin Vulcan

Engineering firm RML Group offers a kit to make the Aston Martin Vulcan track car street-legal, and as of now, there’s only one registered for road use in the world. The kit includes revamped taillight covers, a smaller splitter, DB11 side mirrors, a re-tuned suspension, revised gear ratios, electric door locks, steering wheel padding, more comfortable seats, and an ECU recalibration among a few other things. Continue reading for a video of the track version and more information.

“On the inside the interior has been smoothed of all its pointy bits that affect crash safety, while central locking is one of those hilariously necessary additions you just don’t think about – but these guys did. RML Group has even added windscreen washer jets and wipers, and the number plate mount looks like it was designed to be there in the first place,” reports Car Throttle.