Game of Thrones VFX Dragons
HBO’s Game of Thrones will return for its final season on Sunday, April 14th (tonight) in the US, and what better way to get hyped than with a visual effects breakdown video from an expert at Pixomondo. Yes, Dany and Tyrion’s boat, which is surrounded by ships, waves, and dragons in one episode, was all shot in front of a green-screen. You can’t that Kit Harington was actually petting a blue rock rather than an actual breathing dragon. Read more for the video and a few bonuses.

“There aren’t any fire-breathing animals in the real world to study, so to nail the realism of that aspect Spindler said the Pixomondo team analyzed the way flamethrowers spit fire, including the way flames lick up anything in their path. It’s painstaking creative work that evolved and got more complex as the dragons progressed from small hatchlings born at the end of season 1 on to the fearsome beasts of epic proportions we see in later seasons,” reports BGR.

Bonus VFX Breakdown Videos

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