Mars NASA Penguin
Photo credit: The Sun
Steve Martin, a myth buster from Kent, England has been scouring through years of footage provided by NASA and came across this image, which he first thought was “extra-terrestrial” being. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that it resembled a Humboldt penguin, the famous black-and-white flightless bird peering out from behind a giant rock, millions of miles away from Earth. “I’ve sent five or six other pictures to an image analyst who appeared on the TV show, NASA: The Unexplained Files. They have been taking a look,” said Martin. Read more for a short video news clip, an episode of NASA: The Unexplained Files, and additional information.

“The bizarre images were shot by NASA’s curiosity rover which has been taking photos of the red planet since 2004. The robotic camera has traveled more than 28 miles around the second-smallest planet in the Solar System providing more than 224,000 snaps. However Mr Martin is sure this may not be his only discovery to date and is confident ‘the universe is chock-full of life,'” according to

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