CG Geek Sci-Fi World NVIDIA Studio
CG Geek, an animate and digital graphic artist, created an incredibly realistic sci-fi world in just 3-days using NVIDIA Studio powered by a GeForce RTX 4090 GPU. Called ‘The Fullness of Time,’ CG Geek first formed the basic shapes in Blender, scaling them to match the sizes of real-world buildings, before adding materials as well as reflections to create textured structures.

Ziva RT Real-Time Face Trainer Beta Demo Video Unreal
Ziva Dynamics has officially released a beta for its Real-Time (RT) Face Trainer, an amazing machine-learning-trained, cloud-based facial rigging service for games and real-time work. This Unreal Engine-powered tool essentially transforms any face mesh into a high-performance real-time puppet in one hour. It’s built on a library containing over 15TB of 4D scan data, while the generated face puppets can express over 72,000 training shapes, as well as novel face poses. Read more for a video and additional information.

Visual Effects Best 100 3D Render CG Challenge
Visual effects designer Clinton Jones wanted to see just how talented some of the best 3D artists are. So, he decided to hold a Alternate Realities CG challenge where 2,400-entries were received. No textures were provided, just a simple animated scene of what appears to be someone lugging a heavy object. The results ranged from science fiction-inspired scenes to a bar of soap walking across a bathroom. Read more for videos of the top 100 as well as all 2400 entries.

Unreal Engine MetaHuman Creator
Before Unreal Engine, creating photorealistic digital humans took countless hours. Thanks to MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-streamed app, you can now create digital humans in real-time in under an hour, without compromising on quality. It accomplishes this by accessing a vast library of human appearance and motion, thus allowing you to create convincing new characters through intuitive workflows that let you craft the result you want. Read more for a two videos and additional information.

Deepfake Queen Speech
Queen Elizabeth II is set to deliver her traditional message on the BBC and ITV on Christmas day, but a deepfake will be sending an alternate speech on Channel 4. The news station said this is being done to give a “stark warning” about fake news in the digital age. In this message, she’ll discuss the decision of Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving the UK as well as the Duke of York’s decision to step down from royal duties earlier this year.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Netflix
It’s official, after months of rumors, Netflix confirmed today that Resident Evil has been transformed into an original CG anime series for the streaming service. It’s slated for a global launch in 2021 exclusively on Netflix. This new series will be produced and supervised by Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi, while TMS Entertainment, which created multiple anime series, will produce the series, and Quebico, led by Kei Miyamoto, the producer of Resident Evil: Vendetta takes charge of the full 3DCG animation production. Read more for the first trailer and additional information.

IKEA Imma Virtual Model Social Influencer
Photo credit: Immagram
Computer-generated imagery has come a long way, so much so that it can now be used to create virtual models and social influencers, like Imma. She’s actually Japan’s first virtual model and has roughly 254,000 followers. IKEA Harajuku in Tokyo partnered with her for an installation over 3-days. She lived in the windows of this store where she redesigned a living room and bedroom. This “Happiness at Home” project was made possible using LED screens placed inside of the physical rooms. Read more for a video and additional information.

FOX Sports MLB Fans Unreal Engine
Major League Baseball may have returned, but fans aren’t yet allowed to attend games. FOX Sports didn’t want to leave stands empty, so they employed Pixatope software to create customizable virtual fans that populates the crowd during broadcasts. Yes, will even have the ability to react audibly with cheers or boos depending on the action. Read more for a video and additional information.

Game of Thrones VFX Dragons
HBO’s Game of Thrones will return for its final season on Sunday, April 14th (tonight) in the US, and what better way to get hyped than with a visual effects breakdown video from an expert at Pixomondo. Yes, Dany and Tyrion’s boat, which is surrounded by ships, waves, and dragons in one episode, was all shot in front of a green-screen. You can’t that Kit Harington was actually petting a blue rock rather than an actual breathing dragon. Read more for the video and a few bonuses.