Aaron Evans, nicknamed “The Spring”, is a naturally gifted athlete who can takes jumping to the next level, and his signature move proves it. This involves him jumping over cars speeding towards him at 30 miles per hour. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Milwaukee-based Evans says he was just five years old when he discovered his talent for extreme jumps. He was watching a Bruce Lee movie when he saw the legendary martial artist run up a wall and do a backflip. Curious to see if he could pull off the same stunt, he went into the backyard and nailed it on his first try.

Aaron Evans was featured on the History Channel�s hit show “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” where he back-flipped over two obstacles 15 feet and 8 inches apart, and over a stack of mats 7 feet 3 inches high. It’s true those are not exactly record numbers, but his ability to flip over speeding cars has less to do with height and length and more with spacial awareness and the craziness to even attempt it.