Airplane Mode Game
Love traveling or just want to experience a 6-hour flight across the Atlantic in economy class? Airplane Mode, published by AMC and developed by Hosni Auji, should do the trick. It launches some time in 2020 and features include a chance of inclement weather / turbulence, possibility of bad/no WiFi access, an overhead reading light and complementary aircraft information card. Read more for a teaser trailer and additional information.

Other features include a fairly accurate satellite imagery of your flight path, carry-on bag stocked with a book / headphones / charging cable, authentic ambient noise, and an in-flight magazine filled with travel articles / crossword / Sudoku.

My interest in the game only grew when I learned it had been inspired by Desert Bus itself. Alt-games, experimental games, and ‘boring’ games push at the boundaries of what’s possible within the medium and it brings me genuine joy to be a small part of Airplane Mode’s launch,” said Andrew Ferguson of Loading, Ready, Run.