Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

Making a cup of coffee sounds easy enough, but never is that the case on a work day, as just getting out of bed seems like a neverending story. UK-based designer Josh Renouf has come up with the perfect solution, called Barisieur. This ingenious hybrid alarm clock and a coffee brewer works just like you would expect: you pre-load it with some water and grounds, place your cup underneath the spout, and set the alarm. When the alarm goes off, instead of a horrible buzzing, it wakes you up with the gentle sound of bubbling water, accompanied by the wonderful aroma of freshly-prepared coffee.Instead of using a traditional heating element, Barisieur uses a hidden induction heater to heat up a bunch of steel ball bearings in the bottom of the beaker, which then transfer heat to the water, gradually bringing it to a boil. Continue reading for more.

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