Waking up in the morning just got a lot geekier, thanks to these video game consoles turned alarm clocks. Continue reading to see the NES, Xbox 360, and SNES consoles that were sacrificed to make these mods a reality.

1. NES

This modder gutted his old NES and fitted it with a fully-functional alarm clock. The buttons are wired to the console’s player 1 controller port (clock settings), reset button (snooze), and power button (alarm indicator).

2. Xbox 360

Here’s a first: an XBox 360 Tissue-Dispensing Alarm Clock Case Mod. Not only is it a functional alarm clock, but it doubles as a tissue dispenser. This masterpiece was built by the guys over at Smashsomestuff.


If you’ve got an old SNES laying around as well as a few games, why not turn it into a functional alarm clock? That’s exactly what this gamer did. Hopefully, this mod will inspire you to turn the broken SNES laying around into something usefull as well.