When you first see pictures of the Enchanted River, it may look surreal, but such is the essence of the most famous tourist spot in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The river is found in Barangay Cambatong, “legend has it that one firefly-lit night, fairies floated above the river while elves watched from cliffs and banks. With their wands, the fairies stirred the water, toyed with sapphire and jade, and made the tones fade and meld to achieve a shade of bluish green that now paints the riverbed,” according to Inquirer.net. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Here’s what Inquirer.net has to add, “What lends credence to the river’s name? Fishermen swear to seeing various fish but couldn’t catch any no matter how they tried – not by hand, spear or net. Fishwives lay their fish traps at dusk only to find them hanging on a branch the day after. A foreigner plunges into the visible riverbed and finds it unfathomable. A father and son see two long-haired, alabaster-skinned women bathing under a plump moon then vanishing in a swirl of fireflies. Boatmen gape at sunken boulders of twisted images that are there one day and gone the next.”

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