Nixie Camera Drone

We covered Nixie not too long ago, but here’s yet another look at the world’s first wearable camera drone. This portable gadget folds up and attaches to a wrist strap, and when the wearer wants it to start filming, they just have to press a button. The drone then unfolds and flies overhead, tracking their movements using motion sensors. Continue reading for a hands-on video and more information.

“The drone then returns to the wearer’s wrist, which could be controlled using a timer, or summoned using gestures. It was developed by Dr Christoph Kohstall, a physics researcher at Stanford University, with colleagues Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayr. Today, the drone won Intel’s annual Make It Wearable competition. As a result, the team has been awarded $500,000 to help make it a reality,” reports The Daily Mail.


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