Orbit Wheel Skates

Inventist’s Orbit Wheel is basically what happens when you take a skateboard, remove the board as well as the wheels, and replace them with orb-like devices for your feet. Riders simply place their feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet, propelling them forward in a serpentine motion similar to a longboard. Since the wheels aren’t connected, riders can easily perform 720° spins and turn on a dime. To stop, just place your toes on the ground. You can also traverse short grass and dirt surfaces on the 10″ wheels. The included extendable rod can also be connected to both wheels to provide stability for beginners. Get one here now. Click here to view the first image in todays’ viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos of today, including one of a surfer fighting off a shark on live television in South Africa.

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