Antipode Mach 24

Engineer Charles Bombardier has unveiled his latest concept jet, called the “Antipode”, which is capable of achieving the breakneck speed of Mach 24 – more than 12 times faster than Concorde. It can carry 10 passengers at speeds up to 12,430 miles per hour, enabling one way trips from London to New York in just 11-minutes. This aircraft would be able to take off directly from any airfield by using reusable rocket boosters attached to its wings, and provide enough thrust to lift off, climb to 40,000 feet, before accelerating to Mach 5. The boosters would then separate and fly back to the airbase. Once Mach 5 is reached, the aircraft’s onboard computer would ignite its supersonic combustion ramjet engine and accelerate up to Mach 24 at 40,000 feet. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The Antipod would channel some of the air, flowing at supersonic speed, through a nozzle located on the nose of the aircraft. This counterflowing jet of air would induce a phenomenon called ‘LPM’ or long penetration mode. Using LPM would lead to a drop in surface temperature due to aeroheating and a reduction of the shockwave and noise related to breaking the sound barrier. The leading edge of the wings of the aircraft could also be fitted with linear nozzles so that air could flow out of them too. In this way, all leading edge surfaces could also be cooled by LPM,” according to Mail Online.

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