AORUS Project Cielo Modular 5G Gaming PC
Taiwan-based GIGABYTE, a motherboard and graphics card manufacturer, unveils Project Cielo. This innovative gaming PC by AORUS combines 5G connectivity, a modular design, and portability, all into a single package. Its 5G connectivity makes PC gaming on the go possible by offering greater bandwidth, ultra-low latency and near-instant access to cloud gaming, thanks to an falcon-wing antenna integrated directly into the PC chassis.

AORUS Project Cielo Modular 5G Gaming PC
How does the modular design work? It consists of three parts: the top (main PC), middle (battery module) and the bottom (Bluetooth speaker). You’ll be able to mix and match any of these three to form different configurations according to your needs. For example, the main PC system and the speaker module can be combined as an entertainment center when at home. If you don’t need a PC, just stack the Bluetooth speaker atop the battery module to use with smart devices. Or, if you want to game on-the-go, join the main PC system and the battery for extra long gaming sessions. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

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AORUS Project Cielo Modular 5G Gaming PC

Gigabyte believes that the popularization of 5G technology will make PC gaming anytime and anywhere. With that vision in mind, Project Cielo combines 5G connectivity and modular design to make this imagination come true. Gamers would only need to combine the main system unit with the battery module and take the games to wherever they want. Given Project Cielo’s ultra-fast 5G connection, gamers will no longer be tied up to the desktop anywhere. Instead they can play wherever they go and have the most immersive gaming experience anytime, anywhere,” said the company.

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