Apple MacBook Pro Computer Keyboard iFixit
Photo credit: iFixit via The Verge
Apple announced new versions of its MacBook Pro laptops with faster Intel chips and another change to the keyboard that the company says will fix issues experienced by users earlier this week. The new 13-inch model starts at $1,799, while the 15-inch begins at $2,399. These refreshed MacBook Pro laptops include an updated keyboard design with “new materials” that should improve its performance, and substantially reduces the problems with double-presses and no-presses being registered. Read more for the iFixit tear down video and additional information.

“The newer material is ‘clearer and smooth to the touch,’ according to iFixit. Though why the change might help is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it’s better at not allowing dust to get stuck under it? At this point, only Apple really knows for sure. The second change is even more mysterious. On Apple’s butterfly keyboard, there is a metal dome switch underneath each key. It’s the thing that makes the electrical contact that registers a keypress. Apple appears to have made minor changes to these switches in the new keyboard,” reports The Verge.

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