Arduboy Game Boy

You could either plays games on smartphones / portable game consoles, or the Arduboy, a business card-sized game system powered by the open-source Arduino platform. Taking inspiration from the Nintendo Game Boy, it features a brilliant OLED display, durable metal / polycarbonate construction, 6 soft-touch tactile buttons, a 2-channel speaker, and 8-hours-plus of battery life on a full charge. Creator Kevin Bates has already sent out more than 100 developer kits, and is working to bring a number of games to the platform, with every one of them being free, open source, and editable by the community. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page to pick up your own.

The campaign page states: “Designed to remind you of a more simple time in the world of gaming, the Arduboy brings true 8-bit gaming into the 21st century with style. The black and white screen invites you to involve your imagination once again while gaming. Anyone can make games for the Arduboy! Free online tutorials guide you through a step by step process on how to develop your own software! There are already plenty of examples to learn from. Ever wanted to create a level or map for your favorite game, or make your favorite character jump higher? Now is your chance!” Kickstarter page


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