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Artificial intelligence solves problems in a fundamentally different way to regular programming, since for the later, you actually code a program by writing specific instructions for every situation that it might encounter. Now for AI, you first create a generic program that can learn, and then train it, no extra information or research needed. To accomplish this task, you make a program that can learn, otherwise known as a neural network. It’s a technique for building computer programs that is loosely based on the way we think the human brain works, and it’s perfect for mastering simple games like Flappy Bird. Read more to for another AI teaching itself to play a Flappy Bird-like game.

Basically, for a neural network, you start with a collection of software neurons, with each one having many inputs and one output. When enough electrical signals arrive at the inputs, the neuron activates and sends a signal through the output. Like a real brain, the intelligence in a neural network comes from how these neurons are connected together, and is what the Flappy Bird AI uses.