NES Screenshots Art

Photo credit: Andres Moncayo

Artist Andres Moncayo specializes in taking 8-bit NES screenshots and turning them into works of art. Whether it be Duck Hunt, Punch-Out!!, or Ninja Gaiden, he has you covered. Did you know that prior to the NES version, Nintendo also made a Duck Hunt game based on Laser Clay Shooting System released in 1976? That’s right, it was later a pack-in game, paired with Super Mario Bros.; the pack later also included World Class Track Meet. Continue reading for more screenshots.


NES Screenshots Art

Genyo Takeda produced the Punch-Out!! arcade games and directed the NES versions. Because the NES was not as powerful as the arcade hardware, Takeda and his crew realized that it would be impossible for the NES port to faithfully emulate the arcade graphics. Instead of making the playable boxer wire-framed or transparent in order to see an opponent, they decided to make the playable boxer more short-bodied, so that players could easily see opponents over the large head room of the playable boxer.

Super Contra

NES Screenshots Art

The gameplay and graphics of Super C are similar to the port of the first Contra game. There are three stages unique to the NES version: a high-tech base, a mountain and an alien nest, all vertical-scrolling stages. The order of the latter stages and bosses are also slightly different, with new bosses featured in this version (including a new final boss). The NES version uses the same power-ups as the original NES game, but changes the function of the “fire ball” power-up from a gun that fires small fireballs that travel in a corkscrew pattern to a large projectile that spreads fire after hitting its target.

Double Dragon

NES Screenshots Art

The most notable difference the NES version has from the arcade game is the omission of the arcade’s two players cooperative game mode in favor of alternating play. The plot was altered as a result of this change – instead of having both Lee brothers as protagonists, the NES version has players controlling Billy Lee as the lone protagonist, with Jimmy Lee serving as the antagonist and true leader of the Black Warriors.

Ninja Gaiden

NES Screenshots Art

The story follows a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa as he journeys to America to avenge his murdered father. There, he learns that a person named “the Jaquio” plans to take control of the world by unleashing an ancient demon through the power contained in two statues. Featuring platforming gameplay similar to Castlevania, players control Ryu through six “Acts” that comprise 20 levels; they encounter enemies that must be dispatched with Ryu’s katana and other secondary weapons.


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