Pokemon Card Painting

Photo credit: Lunumbra

Artist Micah Yates, better known as “Lunny” on Instagram, specializes in transforming Pokemon cards into painted works of part. She uses acrylics to paint directly on the cards, while capturing images and videos of the process. Currently, she paints 10 cards per week , with 16 of the 40 per month going to her Patreon supporters, with the rest being commissions. All in all, she’s painted around 1,000 cards in 2-years. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.

“Browsing the internet looking at MTG cards led me to the artistic practice of card altering and how artists would extend the artwork of those cards to make them unique and stand out,. Already an avid Pokemon fan, I looked around to see if anyone did the same thing to Pokemon cards and sadly, I found nothing,” said Yates to The Verge in an email.