Ascento Pro Robot
Why bother with robot dogs, when you could get an Ascento Pro? Simply put, it’s a self-balancing autonomous robot that boast a pair of articulated legs connected to motorized independently-operating, bicycle-inspired wheels. This means that it can not only travel over flat surfaces, but has the ability to jumps up and forward over obstacles, such as climbing stairs.

Full autonomy is achieved through LiDAR, onboard cameras and LED headlights. This also means that when all three are combined, Ascento Pro can find a system-specific charging post, or around eight hours of use on a single charge. Don’t have time to charge the robot? Just swap out the battery entirely. Once you’re ready to go, it has a top speed of 7.5 mph, making the robot great for local deliveries, worksites and more.

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Ascento Pro Robot

Inspection tasks in large industrial areas are usually tedious, costly and sometimes even dangerous. With Ascento these tasks can be automated from the comfort of your couch. In addition to its visual inspection cameras, Ascento can be customized with other sensors and cameras to perform all kinds of inspection tasks,” said the company.

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