Assault Trombone
A geeky father and son duo have built a strange “Assault Trombone,” and though it may not help in a zombie apocalypse, the creation has vaulted them to internet stardom. How does it work? The father uses a pump to manually create pressure fed to an air tank strapped to the son’s back with a tube that goes to the modified trombone. Since the instrument has been fused with the back end of a shotgun, pulling the trigger results in a sound you don’t expect. Read more to see it in-action.

“Is the assault trombone great for assault? Probably not, but if any of you are motivated enough to reverse-engineer one of these things for yourself, we’ve come up with some alternate uses so your efforts are not futile: part of a costume for a soldier in the ska wars, an alert system for lost campers, or a tool to become the most hated person in the neighborhood,” according to Nerdist.


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