AM-RB 001

Finally, the rumored hypercar between the British automaker and the Red Bull F1 team, has been unveiled. Called the Aston Martin AM-RB 001 Hypercar, it boasts a carbon fiber body, while the 1,000-horsepower V12 engine provides more than enough power to tackle the back roads or a racetrack. This is going into production soon, with deliveries beginning in 2018. Click here for more pictures of the AM-RB 001. Continue reading for a detailed unveiling video and more information.

“Shmee is also letting us know that 370 customers have already stated their interest in purchasing a car that will only have a run of about 99 to 150 units – priced between £2 and £3 million (unconfirmed). While deliveries won’t start until 2018, running prototypes are expected to be seen sometime at the end of next year,” reports Car Scoops.