Eclipse Lamborghini Reventon

Alexander Stupkin, a 30-year-old auto enthusiast from Odessa, Ukraine, spent two years transforming a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse into a Lamborghini Reventon replica. He’s always been a fan of supercars, and with the help of friends as well as family, his dream of owning one became true, sort of. It may not look exactly alike, nor perform similarly, but at the very least, the kit car has taken home some local car show awards. Continue reading to see a Lamborghini Reventon replica limousine.

“No amount of blinking lights and rock background music is going to make us love something like this. But as far as the build is concerned, it’s not that bad. Clearly, this isn’t the first time these Ukrainians have chopped a car into a limo, as the Lamborghini-themed interior is spectacular. Imagine you, your friends, a few slim blondes and all the vodka in Kiev – suddenly, the fake body isn’t an issue anymore,” according to AutoEvolution.


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