Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes is a new app with a simple, yet fun, concept: visually-impaired people use the camera on their mobile device to shoot live video of whatever they need help seeing, and a sighted volunteer on the other end tells them what they need to know. CEO Thelle Kristensen says if users get reported enough times for misuse, they won’t be able to connect to anyone through the app anymore. On the other hand, if you’re a sighted user and a notification is left unanswered, the request will automatically go to someone else. There’s currently more than 17,800 sighted people and 1,500 blind people using the app. iTunes page. Continue reading for a video demonstration and more information.

Lead developer Willi Wu says: “We have launched this locally in Denmark for few months now. We have about 700 helpers. Apple is planning to feature the app in the App Store which will help to promote it and get more helpers. We are not only looking for helpers, but also blind people so they can get the help when they need it. So we are trying to get the word of mouth out to people who know blind people that could be useful for them.”