BioHome 3D-Printed House
There are solar-powered container homes, and then BioHome3D, the world’s first 3d-printed house made entirely from bio-based recyclable materials. University of Maine engineers used wood waste from sawmills and “bio-resins” to print the floors, walls, and ceiling. The house was pieced together with the doors, windows, and electrical wiring.

Thankfully the insulation, also made of recyclable wood fibers, was already built in. The team hopes that this 600-square-foot home is just the beginning of a larger project, one that hopes to reduce labor shortages as well as contribute to solving the affordable housing crisis in Maine. There’s no word yet on how much these homes will cost, but we should know more in the coming years.

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BioHome 3D-Printed House Bio-Based Materials
BioHome 3D-Printed House Bio-Based Materials
BioHome 3D-Printed House Bio-Based Materials

Right now, there is a need for 20,000 low-income homes in the state of Maine, and for a low-income one-bedroom home, that costs close to $300,000 right now, if you can get one. The problem is that there is a lot of people who can’t come to Maine who can’t work in Maine or live in Maine because they can’t find homes. So, what we hope to do is help solve this problem and we’re not going to 3D print every home of course, but certainly, we will be part of the housing stock,” said Dr. Habib Dagher, the founding executive director of the Advanced Structures & Composites Center.