Hand Rest Gadget Japan

Another day, another bizarre gadget from Japan, and this time, it’s Thanko’s Agonose Arm. It functions exactly as it sounds: an arm with a tilting flat hand on one end, while the bottom clamps to your desk. The adjustable wrist (height included) can be angled to support either your chin or cheek, depending on how you feel. Click here to view more strange gadgets from Japan. Continue reading for more pictures and information about the Agonose Arm.

Hand Rest Japan

“The hand and arm parts are made with some sort of slightly squishy material to provide a level of comfort. The gadget can also double as an awkward pillow for taking naps at your desk. The product page details all sorts of ways to use it, including positioning the hand against your chest to keep you from leaning forward or attaching it to your chair arm for leaning back and snagging a rest. It’s only a matter of time before someone brings this onto an airplane,” according to CNET.

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